Alina Negoiţă

I call this selected body of work a first step towards my self-portrait as an artist. The confrontational, straightforward way of shooting, chaotic, yet simple and natural, tends to represent the experiences I am living. The multiplicity of energy and spirit abounds, takes shape and assembles into dynamical forms. In my photographic world are no longer boundaries or barriers of race, culture, religion, fashion, nor location. It is easier for the viewer to identify now with a figure, with an atmosphere, with a quirky smile.
Friends to strangers, athletes, Amish, drag queens and even prisoners – they all reflect the beauty and strength of the human spirit and my constant search for it. I find myself trying to keep the scenes as realistic as possible, it is of great importance to me that I capture my subjects how they really are. My feelings for these people remain complex. I look for unexpected beauty in these sometimes forbidden lands, as I trespass with a combined sense of humanity, compassion and rebellion. I appreciate the actions necessary to create an authentic bond for the portrayal of the subject, and therefore I find myself always focused on notions such as authenticity, instinct, intuition, connection, flaws and eye contact.

Alina Negoiță