Carolina de Vera

I take on the artistic practice from the everyday experience. I observe the relation between objects, spaces and architecture day by day. It calls my attention to thefragility of the human body and the strength of the empty. I like to find the relation in between them in order to create new concepts from them.

All my work is an eclectic journey of shapes and lightswhere the calm is where inspiration is found.

I am really interested in the creation of new concepts based on a reinterpretation of the old ones.

Not specifically looking for anything to find everything. Inverting the order of the elements to make visible the intangible. Escape from the discourse in order to find purity. Be part of the history and at the same time not be part of it. Be an omniscient narrator of a view which is latent. Showing through photography a psychological reality without morally judging it by prioritising the  symbolic aesthetics making the central piece: the physiognomy of being.

In this particular case outlining the lines of the body reducing it to the architecture to the skeleton.

Carolina de Vera