Cătălin Munteanu

Having a natural interest in nature I was captivated by landscape photography from an early age. I have been collaborating with travel magazines and websites since 2007, being commissioned by them to do articles with both words and images about hiking, climbing, travels, photo tips etc. It was in 2009 when I expanded my horizon with the opening of my own studio in my hometown Ploiești and began to do also portraits, fashion shootings and commercial photography.

I had individual and group exhibitions and I was invited to participate in different photo festivals. My work was nominated, commended and rewarded mostly in Romania but also internationally.

During this time I continued my work within “Escamonde”, an NGO I founded with three friends back in 2005, where we focus our activity on art, tourism and environmental activities, such as mountaineering, guided tours, climbing, photography workshops, charity etc. One of our latest projects is the International Photo Festival “Secvențe/Sequences“.

In June 2015 I finished my BA in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport, with the purpose of extending my knowledge and developing my skills even more, in order to produce better work and these days I am shifting my interests from travel photography towards the documentary one.

Even if sometimes I want to capture the bigger picture in my photographs, I think that the greatest stories are told with the help of short tales. I believe that the world is a wonderful place, with room for everyone and everything and that we always have to stand up for our rights and beliefs. Freedom shouldn’t be only a state of mind.

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