Dominique Mills


My images feed off this idea of ‘the solitary wanderer’ — I begun to play with this a lot more in my most recent body of work, Solivagant. When I began this journey, I found myself continually drawn towards empty landscapes devoid of people or structures. I wanted to evoke a pervading sense of complete isolation but in a warm, comforting way. It is important for me that I help others to understand the beauty in this way of travel, to push my viewers to see that isolation and loneliness isn’t necessarily a negative but rather a resounding positive.

Those pictured in my work are the people who allowed me into their homes, fed me, clothed me or simply shared their lives with me in the most beautiful way. Every place I have lived, I have made the greatest of friends and it is my compulsion to try and document their character in the most honest way I can.

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