Frederic Luczak

/ Series presented : REHAB /


  1. Restore a person in rights, legal situation which she/he had lost.
  2. Make recover the consideration of others.
  3. Restore and modernize a former district.

Rehab : english abbreviation of the word  ‘Rehabilitation’ used mainly to mean detoxification (“drug rehabilitation”).

Feel again in the miner city of my childhood, between destruction and revival.
Pictures are a way to reconnect with these places, such as to avoid shyness on both sides.

We both changed. Things and people disappeared, a lot. My city seems to want to forget, while I try to remember. Palm trees also appeared.
I feel that my city slowly kicks the habit of my past.

I’m roaming like a tourist with my daughters, before finding my house, disemboweled, awaiting resurrection. Sick person under assistance, new pipes take out to her depths.

The UNESCO has just classified my city (Sainte Marie) in the World heritage. So protected, we now take care of these red brick houses.

I wish UNO could have put the people who lived here under its protection, shielded from a murderous economic conflict…

The city doesn’t belong to me anymore, but its life goes on, for a lot of “someone else”.

My daughters play two parts in that pursuit : taking my place in these pictures as well as in real life, they also help me finding my place in my own story…

/ Bio : Frédéric LUCZAK /

I was born in Somain (north of France) in 1971. I live and work near Paris today.

2014 : I became a member of the collective of photographers 1 Instant.

2016 : I was awarded the Prize of Jury in the Paris Polaroid festival, for my series “PPP 1975 – Portrait of Pier Paolo Pasolini, 2nd November”.

I was selected by the italian photographer-president of jury Letizia Battaglia for the Toulouse ManifestO Festival 2016.

I use a medium format camera and Polaroid. My photographs explore the reality rid of the superfluous and produce a representation which captures the bare bones of an emotion or a moment in time. A possible questioning of identity, to confront what no longer exists, I allude to limits or boundaries which separate me from the dead or the “almost there”.

Between restraint and strangeness,  narrating whilst not imposing, the sense of the absurd and magic realism in my bag.

2016-17 exhibitions:

Contrast festival, Thessalonique (Greece)

Borderline fest, Montreuil

Photometria international festival (Greece)

Galerie Metanoïa, Paris

½ douzaine photographique, Nantes

Festival Manifesto, Toulouse

Polaroid festival, Paris

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