Lorna Foster

Photographic Art (BA Honours) graduate based in Bristol, UK.

This portfolio focuses on several project pieces that were developed over three years of my degree.

Throughout my work there is a discussion of how the issues of boundaries separate both nature and culture; these themes I have communicated through different forms of mixed media pieces, involving both sculpture and printmaking. Varied on subject matter my work delves closer into the representation of physical and metaphorical barriers.

Existing in my recent work these boundaries feature how they can reveal order, system and structure operating within nature. With an interested in mythology and its representation, my focus depicts what can be interpreted physically as a barrier to how we understand nature through our own methods of measurement, such as tidal readings and moon cycles.

My interests have developed into videography and further themes of nature, varying from previous work of understanding moon cycles to future understandings of how the sun can be used in order to produce work, while using natural materials from the earth. I intend to progress into an investigation where the natural process of image making without the use of digitalization can be explored.