Molly Kempster

‘Beautiful Creations’, ‘Mum’ & ‘The Bitter Taste of Buttermilk’.

The online portfolio consists of a number of images taken from three projects I have made whilst completing a BA (Hons) degree in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales.

My first independent project ‘Mum’ documents a personal yet distant relationship between my mother, her hobby and our family.
After retuning to our family home after 2 year in the summer of 2012 the full extent to my mothers obsession with her hobby was revealed. Her hobby was horses, her obsession was horses, and her life revolves around horses. I found it difficult to understand this addiction and her mentality to stick to this daily routine that had captured her, and until the age of 15, had also captured me.

My project focused upon presenting and understanding this strange addiction and how it has taken over not only my mother but also our family and our home by continuously following and photographing my mum and this force of habit she has to care for these animals.

My most recent photographic project ‘The Bitter Taste of Buttermilk’ is set around visiting various locations where the assassination of accused witches from the 16thcentury to the 1800’s had taken place. I drove around the UK visiting each place and photographing the spot at which the deaths occurred. Accused witches were put on trial in various ways ranging from ‘Ducking’ to examinations of the body in search of the devils mark. The majority of the accused were women and it has been stated in a documentary by the RTR that ‘The line between the catholic religion and witchcraft were blurred’

Witchcraft, if practiced by man or woman was punishable by death, Exodus 22:18 “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”.  The project was completed as a publication.