Oltin Dogaru

Oltin Dogaru  was born in 15 of May 1973 in Bucharest and began contemplating the world with Mathematics, then graphic design, and working as a art director he discovered the all mighty Photography, to whom he has dedicated himself exclusively ever since. He has been working as a professional photographer since 2005, in fields as fashion, advertising and journalism, but more and more fashion took over most of his professional life, although his great love for people and stories drives him towards portraits. This makes all his fashion photography more personal, as he never ignores the person behind the character.  His passion for people and stories was also the starting point for many personal projects, travelling around Europe by car and documenting new territories. When asked to participate to the making of a book presenting Milan through pictures of women in their everyday life and routines called “Girls of Milan”, he moved there in 2009 for almost an year, and besides the work for the book, he started working in fashion industry, with several model agencies, with various emerging designers and, most importantly, with Istituto Marangoni, one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world.

When he returned to Romania he had a much wider view of the world of fashion, better skills and higher standards. It didn’t take long until he started working on regular basis with various magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Beau Monde, Glamour, The One and others, for editorial and features, and he shoot several much appreciated covers. He also did a lot of catalogues, videos, and campaigns for fashion designers.

One of his most beloved off-fashion projects was with the German Embassy, Portraits of  German-speaking Romanian Personalities, including actors, writers, philosophers, musicians, designers, politicians, businessmen for a nationwide campaign and exhibition.

Since June 2014 Oltin Dogaru has been living in Paris, where his Universe is getting wider and new people and new experiences put a strong mark on his style, because staying fresh and starting new things are the most important ingredients for the evolution of a photographer.

Book:  “Girls of Milan, one hundred girls immortalised as witnesses of a city in continual flux”, Capri Books London 2010


“In Memoriam Alexander McQueen: Carmen Secareanu, Iris Serban, Silvia Serban, Vika Gorencu, Christelen B., Bianca Popp, Cristian Samfira, Ioana Covalcic, Mirela Diaconu, Lana”, cross shooting Oltin Dogaru & Ciprian Strugariu & Gabriel Hennessey, exhibition at Cluj Fashion Week April 2010.

“21st Century Lifestyle”, colective exhibition of 20 fashion photographers at Cluj Fashion Week 2010 and Bucharest 2010 and 2011

“Portraits of  German-speaking Romanian Personalities” a nationwide exhibition organised by The German Embassy

“Fashion Today”, Piata Mare Sibiu,  June 2012 and  June 2013


Making-of “Hartia va fi albastra” by Radu Muntean 2006

Backstage Cluj Fashion Week, April 2010

Backstage Soiree de la Mode VIII March 2010

Backstage Opera Fashion May 2010

Backstage Soiree de la Mode IX June 2010

“Europe seen from the car 1”, Bucharest-Amsterdam-Copenhagen-Oslo-Nordkapp-Stockholm-Paris-Bucharest 2008

“Milan on the  bike”, June 2009- April 2010

“Europe seen from the car 2”, Bucharst-Viena-Frankfurt-Edinburgh-London- Saint Malo-Paris-Bucharest, 2010

“Europe seen from the car 3” Bucharest- Thesalonik- Lefkada- Igoumenitza- Barri- Rome- Milan- Frankfurt- Viena- Bucharest , 2011


Goga Ashkenazi, Roberto Cavalli, Rocco Barrocco, Frederic Beigbeder, Leslie Hawke, Aya Kato, Marina Krilovici, Nae Caranfil, Corneliu Porumboiu, Cristian Mungiu, Victor Rebengiuc, Stefan Caltia, Alexandrina Hristov, Venera Arapu, Razvan Mazilu, Carmen Secareanu, Malvina Cervenschi, Corina, Kitty Cepraga, George Neagu, Ana Maria Lungu, Dj Wanda, Diana Dumbrava, Corina Danila, Adrian Paduraru, Rita Muresan, Gianina Corondan, Kristina Dragomir, Mirela Bucovicean, Olaf Gyarfas, Lena Criveanu, Maria Popistasu, Lucian Mandruta, Cristina Batlan, Class, Elena Gheorghe, DJ Pagal, Carla Szabo, Dragos Bucurenci, Wilhemina Arz, Puia, Cristian Samfira, Sugar Babes, Adrian Oianu, Catinca Roman, Iulia Vantur, Dana Rogoz, Dana Savuica.

Magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, GQ, Instyle, Glamour, GloriaGlam, Beau Monde, The One, Viva, Unica.

Model Agencies: Elite Model Management Paris, City Models Paris, Crystal Models Paris, G Models Milano, Woman Management Milano, MP Management Milano, Indigo Fashion Toolbox Torino, MRA Romania, One Models Romania, AFM Romania, Facetoface Romania.

Fashion schools: Istituto Marangoni Milano, National University of Arts Bucharest.

Fashion Brands: Les Filles D’aillleurs France, Parlor, Dialogo Italia, Donna Enrica Italia, Pretesto Italia, Carolina Galan Italia, Instinct Romania, AgnesToma Romania, Otter, Bianca Popp Romania, Iris Serban Romania, Maria Marinescu Romania etc.

Advertising: Avon, Aviva, Medicover, Ursus, Samsung, Gilette, MeliMelo, EuropaFM, EFFIE, Adprint, Internetics, Continental Hotels, Cat Music, Albalact, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Golden Tulip, Meli Melo, CEZ, Siesta Bedding, Penes Curcanul, OTP Bank etc.

Oltin Dogaru