Sarah Oleksik

Sarah Oleksik is a recent graduate from the University of South Wales, with a BA (Honours) degree in Photographic Art. With a portfolio made up mainly of work with strong horror and macabre themes, the artist has a clear passion for black and white photography. Branching out into other themes, the artist has experimented with fashion and portraiture- both human and animal.

Throughout recent years, a wide interest in the topic of sleep has developed. Stemming from a personal traumatic experience with sleep paralysis mixed with an exhibition specifically documenting everything about 3AM, the artist started to explore the topics of sleep disorders, the science behind sleep, and the relationship between sleep and death.

The work has progressed further to investigating whether sleep is a close experience to death, using research from science, mythology, art and religion, the artist has recently conducted a piece of writing discussing this question of sleep and death. This question was later examined through the practical medium of photography.  As science develops and discovers more about sleep, the artist intends to continue exploring this question further.