Thomas Kirby

For this photo festival I will be exhibiting my project titled ‘Bin Juice’ which is a self portrait bin diving body of work centred around photographing myself in the act of bin diving in order to highlight the important issues surrounding commercial and domestic waste.

The motivations of this project were to emphasize and shed some light on the sheer scale of the waste problem in Britain and in doing that to reveal the lengths corporate businesses will go to, to prevent individuals from benefitting from this waste.
Included in the online portfolio are two different projects, one is a project titled, ‘Continuous Ending’ and takes place in a suburban town called Chesham, a place where I grew up. The body of work is a study of home and what it represents to us as we enter into adulthood. The images contain bland, bleak landscapes alongside portraits of young males in their early twenties who I grew up with whom for various reasons decided to stay where they are and see what life has to offer them within the realms of the familiar. They have become gripped by anxiety, depression and are ultimately battling their own obscurity and feelings of alienation.
The other project featured is, ‘Man- a being in search of meaning’ a new and on-going project that explores the lives of various men that I have met both at home and abroad who appear to be searching internally for meaning in their own lives whilst battling the monotony of both home and foreign lands.